Paeonia 'Nymphe'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



Peonies, The Manual of the American Peony Society, edited by James Boyd © 1928 American Peony Society: [Check List of Chinese Peonies in Commerce] Japanese Peonies, page 61.

Nymphe. (Dessert, 1913.) Pink.

NYMPHE (Dessert, 1913) - Jap. - Pink - Midseason.

'Nymphe' (Dessert 1913) : or. hort.,grande fl. simple, rosé clair, pétaloides jaune doré, 90cm, mi-saison.

Nymphe     Finely shaped flowers of flesh pink with golden stamens and a delicious fragrance. Very free flowering. Stands well. Late.

NYMPHE:Soft pink Japanese with yellow center. Blooms midseason.


Nymphe: These charmingly cute flowers have clear lavender-pink petals neatly cupped around the small yellow center.

Nymphe Single deep pink flowers with a mound of golden stamens top stiff stems above deep green leaves. A strongly scented variety that produces a mass of flowers. Late.

Nymph (Dessert 1913), lively flesh-pink, golden centre. Large. ml.ac. Single

'Nymphe' (Dessert 1913) : flr. simple rosé soutenu, fines étamines pétaloïdes jaune doré ,1m, mi-saison.

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