Paeonia 'Paul M. Wild'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

PAUL M. WILD (Wild, 1964) - Mid-season. Double, red.

PAUL M. WILD (F)(M to L)(Wild) Large, velvety cabernet wine red double that is excellent in every respect and, is always among the top rated reds; plant height about 32",

PAUL M. WILD (G.H. Wild & Son, 1964). Extraordinaire fleur rouge velouté vif sans être trop amarante. Pétales immenses et réguliers. Fleurs dégagées du feuillage et tiges fermes. Mi-saison. H. 0,95 m.

Nicholls (1999):

PAUL M WILD (Wild 64) One the the best red doubles. Very large velvety red flowers that are unfading. Excellent plant habit. Midseason/Late

Paul M. Wild (Wild & Son 1964) L.  Full Double; light cardinal red; an unusual hue for its season, largely free of the dull purply tones seen in many Lacti reds.  Exhibition quality, large, beautifully formed flowers. Medium tall, good foliage, stout stems, makes an upright bush; stems will bend with the heavy flowers. A splendid peony. 

PAUL M. WILD, Wild (USA), 1964, Paeonia lactiflora, Full double very large ruby-red flowers that are unfading. Largely free of the purple tones seen in many lactiflora-'reds', and thus an exceptional hue for its blooming season. Some sidebuds. Good and very graceful foliage on strong red stems combined with an excellent planthabit.

PAUL M. WILD, Wild (USA), 1964, Paeonia lactiflora, Volledig gevulde prachtig gevormde robijnrode bloemen die zeer kleurvast zijn, ook in felle zon. Grotendeels gevrijwaard van de paarsige kleur die de meeste lactiflora-cultivars in dit kleurenpallet laten zien. Enige zijknoppen. Mooie plantvorm – stevige roodachtige stelen die een stoere plant maken en sierlijk blad. Voor de tijd waarin zij bloeit heeft ‘Paul M. Wild’ een absoluut unieke rode kleur.

Paul M. Wild (Wild, 1964) Ruby-red, double, late-midseason, 36" tall, lactiflora cultivar. Large, luscious velvety red flowers that are fully double and resist fading. A favorite of mine.

PAUL M. WILD:Vivid ruby-red double of large size. Holds its color a long time. Beautiful plant habit. 36" Midseason bloom.


PAUL M. WILD (Wild, 1964) Double, midseason. Strikingly beautiful red blooms, very large and well formed, on a fine plant. This is one of our favorite reds, and we think it will be one of your favorites too

Paul M Wild One of the most beautiful red peonies. Large velvety double flowers of brilliant rich red. A pure colour and perfect formation. Free flowering.

Paul M. Wild Season Late Mid-season Type Double Color Red Size 32" Details (Wild)
Large, velvety cabernet wine red double that is excellent in every respect and is always among the top rated reds

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