Paeonia 'Pecher'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

Darwinplants: Pecher: Very fragrant, semi-double, pale-pink to white flowers, etched with a few red threads.

Ruud Warmerdam on Y!groups 21.09.2005

Pecher is one of my personal favorites - really nice plant habit and exceptional nice fragrance. Also long lasting in the vase. When purchasing Pecher please do so at a reliable address, there are several fairy tales going round about "tall" and "low" Pecher. The "tall" ones are often Festiva Maxima mixed through and there is another mix-up going round. Probably a good advise is to locate a grower that grows Pecher, go see in spring to find out if the Pecher is the right one: soft pink turning to white with occasional red flare in the hart of the flower, rather dwarf habitat, somewhat larger leaves as standard lactiflora and exceptionally fragrant. Cheers, Ruud Warmerdam

PECHER, Calot (Frankrijk), 1867, Paeonia lactiflora, Volledig gevulde cultivar. Bloemen openen zachtroze en verbloeien naar wit. Enige rode tekeningen in het hart vaak waarneembaar. Redelijk veel zijknoppen wat een lang bloeiseizoen verzekert. Vrij breed frisgroen gebladerte en een relatief laagblijvende habitat – een tuinplant bij uitstek. Bloeit uitbundig. Alom geroemd is ‘Pecher’ om haar overheerlijke geur; deze wordt zelfs gebruikt in de Franse parfumindustrie

PECHER, Calot (France), 1867, Paeonia lactiflora, Full double flowers of the rose-type. The flowers open soft pink and mature to clean white. Attractive red flashes on the tips of the inner petals. Quite a few sidebuds offering the possibility for extended flowering. Relatively broad fresh green leaflets and a low planthabit - a perfect garden peony. Massive flowering. 'Pecher' is most famous for her extremely pleasant odeur; the delicous fragrance of this splendid variety is even captured and used by the French perfume industry...

Bild von 'schlüsselblume' aus dem Gartenforum:

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