Paeonia 'Pillow Talk'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

PILLOW TALK (Charles Klehm and Son 1973) (850 R) Own seedling line bred. Double rose type. Mid-season, no stamens, cameo pink, buds open to a large flower. Foliage similar to Mons. Jules Elie. Name formerly Friendly Federal. Patent applied for.

Kortmann (1998)

'Pillow Talk' (Klehm, U.S.A., 1974) Bloemen bleekroze met rode gloed, gevuld, middelvroeg; bladeren matig groot, matglanzend groen tot lichtgroen; hoogte 80 cm; bloemstengels goed stevig; vertakking matig. Deze cultivar heeft voldoende goede kwaliteiten om in het sortinient te houden.

PILLOW TALK Pink, Double, Mid season , Fragrant. 90cm. Soft pink fully double flower sitting up on long stems over mid green foliage. Wonderful for picking.


Flower type: Peony—Double

Size: 26" to 32"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Mid

Hybridizer: Carl G. Klehm

Soft and cuddly double pink blossoms with hint of rose at base. Delicate glossy tones accent rich foliage on strong stems with healthy growth habit.

Medium size. Midseason. American plant patent 3462 registered by Klehm Nursery.

PILLOW TALK (F)(M-L) Tall, strong stems and large, yet exquisite flowers make this giant a standout among the pink peonies; full and fluffy soft cameo pink flowers 8 to 10 inches across stay upright over the foliage

Pillow Talk (C. G. Klehm 1973) L, Full Double, soft light pink, color holds.  Large flower on strong stems.  Medium tall, flowers carried above foliage.  Strong grower, healthy foliage.  APS Gold Medal 1994. 

PILLOW TALK What a name, and we must admit one feels that it is quite cuddly! A soft pink, fully double, and with the flowers sitting up on long stems over mid green foliage. Used extensively for the cut flower market. Pink Double, Mid season fragrant, 90cm.

Pillow Talk Beautiful tight round powder puffs of soft mother of pearl pink produced freely on strong stems above dark green leaves. Scented. Small.

'Pillow Talk' (C. G. Klehm 1973) : flr. double rosé, mi-saison, parfumée. 70cm, parfumée, mi-saison

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