Paeonia 'Pink Princess'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



PINK PRINCESS - originator unknown, July 27. 1985. Re-registration for name correction of Pink Dawn by the Klehm Nursery. Single, speckled light pink, has been in commerce for at least 20 years. This flower has speckles in the clear pink petals and has been sold for Pink Dawn. The name is being discarded and replaced with Pink Princess. Bulletin #255.

'Pink Princess' (Züchter unbekannt) Große rosa Schalenblüten mit goldgelben Staubblättern.


PINK PRINCESS (Origin uncertain) Single, midseason. Large, very nice single, light pink, with darker speckles, this variety makes a noteworthy addition to any peony garden, and is very nice in arrangements


Flower type: Peony—Single

Size: 36"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Mid

Hybridizer: Origin Unknown

Attractive single blooms of clear phlox pink and uniquely speckled with deeper pink flecks. Golden stamen add color and charm.

Pink Princess* (origin uncertain, possibly H. P. Sass, about 1950) M.  Single; light pink, the color distributed in pink flecks, less concentrated toward the center, over the greenish white background, a distinctive color effect.  Light fragrance.  Vigorous, dark green foliage on a stoutly erect, medium height bush.  Outstanding in flower and plant habit.  One of the finest in the garden and on the show table.  For many years in commerce as Dawn Pink, the name reserved to a Sass peony introduced about the same time.  Pollen and seeds, proven parent. 

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