Paeonia 'Yin Fen Jin Lin'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]

chinese name:

english transl.:

Silver-pink goldfish scales , Silver Pink-Glistening Gold , Glistening Silver Pink, Silver Dust and Golden Scales

deutsche Übers.:

Streifen auf silbernem Grund, Silber- und Goldpulver


Polvere d'argento e squame d'oro

NTSC (suffr.)

Ying Fen Jin Lin

Rivière (1995):

'Yin Fen Jin Lin' "Streifen auf silbernem Grund" Gefüllt. Sehr große gefüllte Blüte, rosa, mit einigen grünen Streifen am Rand der inneren oder äußeren Petalen.

Osti (1997)

YIN FEN JIN Ling, «Polvere d'argento e squame d'oro». Fiore stradoppio a forma di ortensia, rosa pallido. Portamento ricadente, sviluppo contenuto. Una delle ultime a fiorire.


Osti (1999)

YIN FEN JIN LING "Silver Dust and Golden Scales" Flowers: pale pink; fully double. Hydrangea form, one of the latest flowering. Habit: drooping, compact.

Unopiú (1997)

Ying Fen Jing Lin ; Silber- und Goldpulver; Doppelblume, rosa, späte Blütezeit

Golden Port (2000):

Peach-blossom pink, darker at base, crown shaped, flower size 6" with a delicate fragrance; leaves long and glossy, yellowish green; plant height to 3 feet; a free and late bloomer

peonyworld/ (suffr.)

Yin Fen Jin Lin // Silver Pink and Golden Fish Pinkish red, blackish purple blotches at the base of outer petals. Crown form. Flowers size " 15cm x 8cm "; pendulous; delicate fragrance. Plant dwarf, spreading. Branches slender, curved. Growth medium; flowers many, each individual long-lasting. Blossoming late. Classic variety.

(Chinese Mudan cultivated in Japan) Tips of the centre petals sometimes pale green. Medium size. Midseason. Spreading growth.

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my plant: Tag der Pflanzung/date of planting: 08.Oktober 1997 geliefert durch / delivered by : Parlasca, Frankfurt, bisher ohne Blüte