Paeonia 'Promenade'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



PROMENADE (P. C. Laning), introduced by Caprice Farm Nursery, Sherwood, Oregon, April 26, 1990. Seedling number Seranade F-. Herbaceous hybrid, semi-double. Parentage: Third generation, P. lactiflora x P. macrophylla. First bloomed 1977. Blush pink, with pink overlay, average amount of bloom, flat form, good substance, has pollen, seeds, no fragrance, 24 inches height. Excellent stem strength, with heavy dark green foliage. Early season of bloom. Tetraploid, fertile both ways. (Registered Caprice Farm Nursery). Bulletin #275.

Promenade (Laning/Rogers 1990) E.  Single to Semi-Double; blush pink, with deeper pink wash, large flowers open wide, good substance.  Medium height, vigorous, excellent stem strength with heavy dark green foliage. Progeny of Saunders. Serenade, presumed tetraploid, fertile both ways.

Blush pink, single to semi-double, early, 24" tall, hybrid. This sparkling blush pink flower is set off by large dark green foliage and blooms earlier than most peonies.

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