Paeonia 'Qi Hua Xian Cai.'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]


Zhaolou Peony Garden, Heze in 1963.

Qi Hua Xian Cai. Anemone form, sometimes crown form occurs. Flowers 18cm x 7cm, pink faintly bluish (65-D); the outer petals 2-whorled, with translucent streaks, the margins toothed, purple at the base; the inner petals narrowly long and curved, with purplish bluish streaks, anthers are usually present at the apex; pistils normal or small; Stalks slightly pliable, flowers slightly lateral. Flowering midseason. Plant dwarf, partially spreading. Branches fairly slender, pliable. Leaves orbicular, large-sized, crowded, pendulous; leaflets broadly ovate, obtuse at the apex. Growth medium, flowers many; resistant to leaf spot. Bred by Zhaolou Peony Garden, Heze in 1963.

english translation:

Rare Flower Presenting Glory

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