Paeonia 'Qing Long Xi Tao Hua'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]


Heze Flower Garden in 1984.

Qing Long Xi Tao Hua. Crown form. Flowers 15cm x 7cm, pink (73-C); the outer petals 3-4- whorled, large, flat, suffused with pinkish red at the base, soft; the inner petals crowded, wrinkled, curved inwards, slightly soft, with a purple streak purple along the petal, normal stamens grow among the petals and in the flower centre; pistils developed, petaloid, light greenish coloured. Stalks slender, stiff, flowers lateral. Flowering very early. Plant medium height, partially spreading. Branches fairly slender. Leaves long, medium-sized; petiolules fairly long, pliable; leaflets ovate or elliptic, slightly suffused with purple on the margins, apex acuminate, slightly pendulous. Growth medium, flowers many. Bred by Heze Flower Garden in 1984.

english translation:

Dragon with Peach Blossom

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