Paeonia 'Qing Shan Guan Xue'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]

chinese name:


Snow on Emerald Mountain

Rivière (1995):

'Quing Shan Quan Xue' "Grüner Berg verliebt sich in Schnee" Gefüllt. Blüte weiß, Staubblätter in grüne Petalen umgewandelt.

Golden Port (2001):

Crown shaped, flowers pale pink when first open, turns white when fully opened, light magenta at base, stamens green; plant height to 3 feet; bloom early; a traditional cultivar.

peonyworld/ (suffr.)

Qing Shan Guan Xue // Green Hill Piercing the Snow Pinkish white at first, later white, suffused with pale purple at the base, greenish colored petals in the center. Crown form. Flowers size " 12cm x 5cm "; upright or lateral; refreshing fragrance. Plant dwarf, partially spreading. Branches stout. Growth vigorous. Blossoming early. Classic variety.

xinxin: (suffr.):

Qing Shan Guan Xue Crown form, pinkish white at beginning but pure white in full blooming, flowers 12cmx5cm, outer petals in 2 rolls, delicate fragrance, flowers many in early season, stout branches, 3-4ft. in mature, growth vigorous, traditional variety, a good choice for the beginning collectors

Qingshanguanxue. Crown-shaped ,Hydrangea-shaped, White, Uprightflowers or Medium-sized Long leaves, early blooming .

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