P. ridleyi Dai & Hong in: Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin17(1): 1-2, f. 1.. 1997

accepted name (2005):

Paeonia qiui Pei & Hong: Hong & Pan 1999


original description


Paeonia ridleyi Z. L. Dai et T. Hong sp. nov.

Species Paeonia yananensis T. Hong et M. R. Li affinis, sed foliolis lateralibus saepe integris, foliolis terminalibus 3 - lobis, basi cordatis differt.

Frutex deciduus, circa 1m altus, cortice brunneolo, striato. Folia bi - ternata, pinnis 3, foliolis 9, foliolis terminalibus leviter rotundatis 7 - 8cm longis, 6.5 - 7cm latis, apice 3 -lobis, basi cordatis, subtus pubscentibus, secus nervos axillares et prope basin dense pubescentes, petiolulis 2 - 5cm longis pubescentibus vel glabris; foliolis lateralibus ovatis vel late ovatis 4.5-7.5 longis, 3 - 4. 5cm latis, apice acutis, basi cordatis, subtus minute pubescentibus, secus nervos et prope basin dense pubescentes, petiolulis subsessilibus vel 1 -5mm longis. Flores solitarii, terminales; sepala 5; petala 10, rosea, 5 - 6cm longa, 4.5-6. 5cm lata, vertice leviter rotundata vel parum truncata, pauci - dentata, basi late cuneata intus infra et basi radial purpureo - rubro - maculata, fere 1. 5cm longa, basi 4 - 7mm lata; stamina numerosa, antheris flavis, filamentis purpureo - rubris; discus atro - purpureoruber, vertice dentatis; carpella 5, dense bruneolo - albo - hirsute - sericea, stigmatibus atro - purpureo - rubris. Florescentia initium Maji.

Hubei: Baokang, Laoyashan Chongchongya alt. 1400m in bush; May 3 1994, Dai Zhen - lun 94053 (Holotypus, Baokang Forestry Research Institute)






A queste specie, che io sono convinto siano tali in base a quanto ho potuto constatare di persona, più o meno recentemente Hong Tao ne ha aggiunte altre (P. yannanensis, P. ridleyii) sulle quali da parte di altri competenti botanici cinesi sono state mosse contestazioni che non appaiono manifestamente infondate. Ho già detto di come avvengono queste classificazioni: non sono un botanico professionista e preferisco astenermi dal prendere parte in questa dotta disputa.




Hong, D.-Y. & Pan, K.-Y. 1999. A revision of the Paeonia suffruticosa complex (Paeoniaceae). -Nordic Journal of Botany 19: 289-299. Copenhagen. ISSN 0107-055X.


3. Paeonia qiui Y. L. Pei et D.-Y. Hong

Acta Phytotax. Sin. 33(1): 91. Fig. l. 1995. -Type: China, Hubei, Shennongjia, Sunbai (Songbai) Town, 1650-2010 m alt. on steep precipice and overhanging rocks, 1988, 05, 20, Qiu J. Z. PB88034 (PE!).

P. ridleyi Z. L. Dai et T. Hong in Bull. Bot. Res. 17(1):1. Fig.l(p.4). 1997, syn. nov. - Type: China, Hubei, Baokang County, Laoyashan, Chongchongya (Changchongya), 1400 m alt. 1994,05,03, Dai, Z. L. 94053 (Baokang Forestry Research Institute Hubei Province!; photo, PE!).

The species is characterized by bitemate leaves with 9 leaflets, which are ovate or broad-ovate, mostly entire and often purple above (Fig, 3), and whitish pink or pink petals with a red blotch at the base (Plate 5). Apparently it is the most closely retated to P. suffruticosa. It sometimes reproduces vegetatively by root turions.

P. qiui is so far found only in four localities in W. Hubei (Songbai Town in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, and Houping Town and Laoyashan in Baokang County) and W. Henan (Xixia) (Fig. 7). Three of four remaining populations are found on cliffs with a few individuals. Therefore, it is the most endangered species in Paeonia, on the verge of extinction. It is very urgent to take effective measures to conserve the species.

Specimens examined. Hubei, Shennongjia, Songbai Town: 1988,04,25, Qiu, J.Z. PB88018 (PE) and PB88021 (PE); eodem loc. 2000 m alt. 1988,05, 06 Qiu, J.Z. PB88022 (PE), PB88023(PE), PB88024(PE), PB88025(PE) and PB88026(PE); eodem loc.,1991,05,04, Pei, Y.L. 9110 (PH); Songbai Town, sunny grassy slope, 2200 m alt. 1986,05,19, Chen, T. and Ma, L. M. PB86013 (PE); Baokang, Houping Town, Hongjiayuan, in front of Mr. SU Yuan-zhi's house, 1997,05,02, Hong, Ye and Feng H97023 (PE, A, K, MO, S); eodem loc. Yanghu Shan, 1000 m alt. limestone, in secondary forests, 1997,05,02, Hong, Ye and Feng H97027 (PE, MO) and H97028(PE, MO); Houping Town, Chefongping, 1300 m alt., E slope, limestone, on cliffs. 1997,05,03, Hong, Ye and Feng H97029 (PE, A, K, MO, S); eodem loc., Wudaoxia, 1000 m alt., 1997,05,04, Hong, Ye and Feng H97045 (PE).

Henan, Xixia, in forests, 1600 m, 1988,05, Qiu, J. Z. 8305(PE).




HONG De-Yuan & PAN Kai-Yu Taxonomical history and revision of Paeonia sect. Moutan (Paeoniaceae) Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica 37(4):351-368(1999) Paeonia qiui Y. L. Pei et D. Y. Hong

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