Paeonia 'Roselette'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

ROSELETTE (Saunders, 1950) - Single - Pink - Hybrid. Prettily formed large flowers of light rose-pink. Triple hybrid: albiflora crossed by a second generation tenuifolia x Mlokosewitschi hybrid. Saunders 1950 catalog says date is 1950. List in Bulletin 129 says 1952. Description given in Catalog 1955.

Roselette Prettily formed deep pink flowers on a usually tall conspicuous plant. Sets some seed. (Triploid Hybrids In which an albiflora variety was crossed by an F1 of tenuifolia-Mlokosewitschi, All (1950) and all VE.)

Roselette (Saunders1950) VE.  Single; cupped petals are warm pink, sometimes streaked slightly darker; fragrant.  Dependable, notably free of late frost injury to flower buds, although one of the few sorts we can call Very Early (also our earliest large-bush peony).  Erect stems, medium tall, light green foliage is durable all season.  Excellent landscape subject and a standout in the early perennials border. Triploid, but has useable fertility

(-11) Éclat du printemps! Jolie fleurs simples, roses, en forme de coupe.. Floraison très hâtive, excellente pour débuter la saison. Beau plant avec feuillage robuste et large et de nombreuses fleurs bien portées par les tiges. Plant de 90 cm. Bon parfum. Un des meilleurs choix pour la floraison hâtive.

(-11) Spring glory! Pretty simples flowers, pink of a cup form. Very early bloomer, excellent to start the peony season. Beautiful plant with strong & large foliage bearing numerous flowers without any support. Plant of 90 cm. One of the best choices for the very early blooming season.

Roselette (Saunders, 1950) Blush-pink, single, very early, 34" tall, hybrid. A sweet flower with clear pink, textured petals framing yellow stamens. Its early color is a delight in the garden!

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