Paeonia 'Ruffled Pink Petticoats'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [Suffruticosa without specification]

RUFFLED PINK PETTICOATS (Roy G. Klehm, Klehm Nursery), July 3,1998. Semi-double tree, moutan blood, first bloomed 1987. Rose pink, good substance, stamens, pollen, no seeds, no fragrance, one bud per stem, good amount of bloom, good stem strength, highly ruffled blossoms on a strong plant. 36-48" in height, blooms early. Mint rich green foliage.

Hybridizer: Roy G. Klehm
Beautifully ruffled and artistically arranged vivid deep pink petals which are large and quite striking.

Ruffled Pink Petticoats. Klehm. 1998. American suffruticosa. Very large ruffled pink semi-double. Petals are huge and somewhat irregular with lots of crimping and creping. Cream stigmas, red sheath and stamens. A favorite with garden visitors. Plants reach 4 feet and are vigorous growers. Pollen fertility. Seed very difficult.

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