Paeonia 'Smouthi'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid] Tenuifolia X Lactiflora

SMOUTHII (Hybrid) Bright scarlet. Single. Blooms very early. It comes into bloom a few days earlier than the finely cut-foliaged Tenuifolia, but is distinctly different from the Chinese varieties. It is not so hard to propagate as Tenuifolia, and we feel that it is just as satisfactory. Cut leaf foliage, that even after blooming, makes a wonderful border plant. Plant with red tulips for a lovely combination.

Smouthi (France, 1845) Red, single, very early, 36" tall, hybrid. A single red bloom with a golden center that stands out with its ferny-leafed foliage. Makes a lovely contrast plant with its deeply cut foliage. Our earliest bloomer!

smouthii : très proche de P. anomala, fl. simple, rouge, fe. fin très découpé, médaille d'argent St Jean de Beauregard 1998.

APS-registration: no, see scientific papers

I have found very different looking plants under this names. Which one is the real 'Smouthi'??

plant1 (Klose nursery)

plant2 (Klose nursery)




my plant from Ra dziul

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