Paeonia 'Stardust'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



STARDUST (Glasscock-Falk 1964) S.E. White. Grandchild of Le Cygne. Not a hybrid but one of the parents of most of the hybrids and it is the source of white in them. Registered Mrs. Elizabeth Falk, Plainfield, Illinois. Bulletin #172 March 1964.

STARDUST Rounded petals of ivory white give a layered effect in this striking peony. The tuft of deep gold stamens is the perfect foil to the petals. Excellent foliage. The flower is long lasting. A special single white for the garden and for the vase. white, single, Early, 80cm.

Stardust (Glasscock/Falk 1964) ML.  Single; cupped white petals encircle golden stamens and green carpels.  Medium height, attractive bush and long season of bloom.  Said to be a grandchild of much admired LeCygne and to have been a parent of Glasscock hybrids. 

White, single, midseason, 34" tall, lactiflora cultivar. Large wavy white petals encircle golden stamens and green carpels. Very attractive

STARDUST White, single, Early, No staking. 80cm. Rounded ivory white petals make a layered effect around the deep golden stamens in this striking peony.

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