Paeonia tomentosa Stapf in Curtis’s Bot Mag. 155: tab.9249 (1929)

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):

Paeonia daurica subsp. tomentosa

original description (Stapf 1929)

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reference of Stebbins (1939):

P. tomentosa Stapf, Bot. Mag., 185, Tab. 9249,1931.

The writer has seen only the plants in the Saunders collection, which agree closely with the original description and illustration. In its rugose, impressed veined leaves, large, brown-tomentulose sepals, and remarkably broad, almost reniform petals it differs from any other species known to the writer, although in the absence of a disk and the shape of the follicles and stigmas it agrees with P. corallina and P. Broteri. It is the earliest to bloom of all the species in the Saunders collection, and flowers about three weeks earlier than the other tetraploid forms of the corallina series. It forms sterile hybrids with P. Wittmanniana, which is to be expected in view of the great difference between the two species in the shape of the sepals, petals, follicles, and stigmas.

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