tomskij yellow peony


a white form of P. anomala, which's late flowers turn yellowish.

P. anomala very large white form


Marlene Ahlburg's Story: In the Region of Tomsk is growing a yellowish-flowerd herbaceous peony, which is probably unknown to science. It is as far as I know never been seen in the west, only known from personal communication of Ms. Marlene Ahlburg with an immigrant from Russia living in her neighborhood some years ago, who lived there in his childhood. He reported, that he remembers collecting peonies in the nearby forests, when he was young, and there were rose-coloured (certainly P. anomala) and yellowish-flowered peonies. The yellowish-white (in 2001 I asked Ms. Ahlburg again: yellowish at the base) with the same leaves as anomala.

All known yellow herbaceous peonies are very far from there. See maps

1. Tomskij Oblast

2. Eurasia with the known populations of the caucasian yellow peonies and the far Eastern and manchurian peonies


Personal communication with the well-known plant-hunter Josef Halda from the Czech Republic give me a second hint for being possible, that there such plants grow. It is possibly a yellow form of P. lactiflora, or a still totally unknown species. But it can also be a yellow obovata or oreogeton


In the garden of Josef Halda I have seen a white form of P. anomala, which is yellowish at the base, because the pollens have been fallen out after rain and the lower inner parts of the petals are painted yellow. On a superficial view it looks yellow, maybe old flowers turning brownish give the impression of a yellow flower.

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