Paeonia 'Topeka Coral'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



TOPEKA CORAL (Bigger 1975) (2-67) Hybrid, coral pink full double bomb type. 24-30" stem. No pollen. Registered by Bigger. Bulletin #214 June 1975.

TOPEKA CORAL (F)(E-M)(Cousins-Bigger) Huge double coral-rose bomb type blossom with a soft, musky fragrance; a centerpiece in the garden; plant height to about 30"

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Flower type: Peony—Double

Size: 30"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Early, Hybrid.

Hybridizer: Lyman Cousins-Myron Bigger

Large and graceful fully double, deep rose-red bomb type blossoms which have a soft musky fragrance. Quite choice garden specimen. Sister to 'Glowing Raspberry Rose'.

(+8) Une des plus belles herbacées de mon catalogue cette année. Couleur unique de la fleur! Impressionnante fleur double de type globuleuse, d’un rouge corail très intense portée sur de longues tiges, très fortes. Léger parfum. Plant de plus de 90 cm. Floraison en mi-saison. Véritablement unique!

(+8) One of the very best in my catalogue this year. A truly unique color of the flower! Impressive bomb type double flower of an intense red coral. Strong and tall stems. Slightly fragrant. Plant of 90 cm and more. Mid-season bloomer. Truly unique!

picture in 2007 available on Prof. Harald Fawkner's website, www.speedcloud.com , look under East

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