Paeonia 'A. E. Kundred'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

A E KUNDRED (Kundred, 1951) - Double - White - Late.  Mild fragrance.  Very large compact creamy white of excellent proportions.  It is large but refined in its form; petals even -and so full double that the flower feels like a cushion when you press on it lightly.  The stems are very thick and adequate for the large flower.  Opens well every year.  Not subject to browning of petals.  Introduced by Ernest I. Stahy, Goshen, Ind., with the above description.  Listed in 1955 by Krekler.

M.S. Uspenskaja 2003, pp. 70:

Tartu Ülikooli Botaanikaaed (THE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TARTU) INDEX PLANTARUM : Paeonia 'A.E. Kundred’ Kundred 1951

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