Paeonia 'Vivid Rose'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

VIVID ROSE (Klehm, 1952) - Double - Rose-Pink - Late Midseason. Medium height. Bright rose pink. Seedling No. 76 A. Parentage not given. A bright rose pink full double, no stamens. Strong stems. An unusual color that stands out among other varieties. A good garden peony and also a good cut-flower. Flowers keep well in storage. Bulletin 124.

VIVID ROSE (VF)(L)(Klehm) Vivid deep pink double with a lustrous sheen; a very desirable peony with sturdy stems and a rich, rose-like fragrance; makes an excellent cut flower,

VIVID ROSE As the name implies this a vivid shade of pink with the most heavenly rose perfume one could imagine. Great in the garden, and for the floral artist. Quite late flowering. Pink Double, Late, R 85cm. VIVID ROSE Pink, Double, Late, Fragrant. 90cm. A fully double strong pink peony, very popular and with a heavenly rose perfume. Good for picking.

Bright rose-pink, double, late-midseason, 34" tall, lactiflora cultivar. Vivid deep pink double with the outside of petals slightly lighter in color.

Vivid Rose (C. G. Klehm 1952) L.  Full double; brightest pleasing pink, many petals, exhibition form.  Fragrant.  Flowers set close to the medium low bush on good stems, excellent habit for the landscape.  May benefit by support on account of the large double flowers.  A standout when in flower. 

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