Paeonia 'William T. Macoun'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



W E MACOUN (Blacklock) - Single - Red. Double row of clear red petals that do not fade. Large. Strong, healthy grower. List in Bulletin 93.

Information on the Canadian Peony Society's website: (link)

The Blacklock cultivar "William T. Macoun". There may not be any other photos of it in existence Taken by Alexis (Lex) Landon (wife of Reiner Jakubowski) in 1999 and believed by the current owner, Dr. Jim Cruise  to be the first bloom in almost 25 years. The plant was acquired from Miss Blacklock at Rowancroft Gardens by the first owner Bob Landon who counted Miss Blacklock as a special gardening friend.

This picture is from Reiner Jakubowski, Canada. For large resolution pictures of this cultivar look on The Canadian Peony Society's website www.peony.ca and in the 'Gallery' of the Heartland Peony Society's Website www.peonies.org .Miss Mary Eliza Blacklock, Canada: I have Blacklock's 'W.T. Macoun' (note typographical error in APS literature which has it as 'W.E. Macoun'). William Terril Macoun worked for A.P.Saunders' father at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Canada. (Information from Reiner Jakubowski)

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