Paeonia 'Bai yu'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]


Classic variety.

name in Luoyang*:

Bai yu

name in Heze*:

Bai yu

english :

White jade


Giada bianca

Osti (1997)

05. BAI YU, «Giada bianca». Fiore: doppio, tipo anemone, con numerosi petaloidi a cupola al centro della corolla, di colore bianco freddo, bei boccioli rotondi, epoca media. E una delle varietà bianche più apprezzate in Cina. Portamento: a cespuglio, che nel tempo si sviluppa molto in ampiezza.

Bai Yu. Crown form. Flowers 16cm x 8cm, it first pinkish white, later white (155-D), the outer petals 2-whorled, flat, suffused with purple at the base; the liner petals smaller, soft, wrinkled, regular, crowded, some petaloid filaments bearing anthers are present; pistils smaller, or developed, petaloid, yellowish green coloured. Stalks slightly long, flowers lateral. Flowering midseason. Plant dwarf, partially spreading. branches slightly slender. Leaves orbicular, medium-sized, thick, sparse; leaflets ovate with some and shallow lobes, obtuse at the apex, upper surface rough, green, suffused with purple. Growth fairly vigorous; flowers many. Classic variety.

(Chinese Mudan cultivated in Japan) Large size. A few stamens remain but the pistil is not fully developed. Midseason.

White with pale yellow tint, crown shaped flowers, light purple at base and green in center, flower size 6" with a delicate fragrance; leaves round tinged with faint purple; plant height to 3 feet; a strong grower, a free bloomer; a superior cultivar among white tree peonies.

Osti (1999)

05. BAIYU "White Jade" This is one of the white varieties most appreciated in China. Flowers: cold white; double, anemone form, numerous dome - shaped petaloids at the centre of the corolla, buds rounded, mid - season flowering. Habit: bushy, increasing greatly in width.

peonyworld/ (suffr.)

Bai Yu // White Jade Pinkish white at first, later white, suffused with light purple at the base. Crown form. Flowers size " 16cm x 8cm "; lateral; dense fragrance. Plant dwarf, partially spreading. Branches slightly slender. Growth fairly vigorous; flowers many. Blossoming midseason. One of the most famous white varieties. Classic variety.

Baiyu White with faint, Yellow, crown-shaped full flowers, lateral blooms round buds Spreading the best one of white - clone

Bai Yu (PIVOINES ARBUSTIVES CHINOISES): flr. double blanche en bombe, pompon de petalodes

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