Paeonia 'Dawn Pink'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

DAWN PINK (Sass, 1946) - Single - Pink - Early to Midseason. Medium height. Guard petals large and well rounded, medium dark rose pink, brilliant and lasting color. Stamens, bright yellow. Carpels green. Stigmas, deep rose pink. Disc not evident. Foliage medium sized, medium green and extends well down on the stems which are strong and medium in height. The color is somewhat darker than that of SEA SHELL. The flower is well formed and lasts well. Bulletin 122.

Dawn Pink' (USA Sass 1946). Herrlich einfache, rosa Bl, mit gelben Staubfäden..

Dawn Pink (Sass 1946) M-ML.  Single, well formed; darker, sharp pink color, a lasting color, uncommonly brilliant among Lactiflora medium pinks.  Small tuft of bright stamens, with green and pink carpels, gives center contrast.  Medium height, stems strong, foliage well down.  A deeper color contrast compared to Seashell or Pink Princess.  Seeds and pollen. 

Dawn Pink (Sass, 1946) Rose pink, single, midseason, 34" tall, lactiflora cultivar. Striking bright pink single with a glowing yellow center. Stands tall in the rain. A row in bloom makes a sea of warm pink!

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Wilhelm de Wilde 2007

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Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - The Peony Database


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