Paeonia wittmanniana Stevens var. tomentosa Lomakin

Trud. Tbil. Bot. Sada, 1, 30 (1895), 2, 283 1897

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):

Paeonia wittmanniana subsp. tomentosa (Lomakin) D.Y. Hong


Lomakin's original description


P. Wittmanniana St. var. tomentosa Lomak. (Talysch) est media inter P. Wittmannianam et P. Mlokosewitschi. P. Wittmanniana var. tomentosa from Talysch is an intermediate form between the typical P. Wittmanniana and P. Mlokosewitschi. In the form of the blossoms and the tomentum of the leaves it resembles P. Wittmanniana, in the form of the leaves and the tomentum of the fruit P.Mlokosewitschi. This gives reasons to suppose, that P. corallina and P. Wittmanniana are able to form hybrids. In the botanical garden of Tiflis is found a copy, which in the foliage descends probably from P. Wittmanniana, but in the petalen and fruit resembles however P.corallina. We hope, that with these remarks the question of the yellow peonies from the Caucasus is answered. To our regret the new monograph over the peonies of Huth [Botanische Jahrbücher Engler XIV Band, 1892. E. Huth, Monograph. d. Gattung Paeonia.] produced nothing for the solution of this question, although already Ruprecht mentioned the contradictions in the descriptions of P. Wittmanniana through Steven and Hartwiss (Rupr. Fl. Cauc. p. 47) .


 © Übersetzung aus demRussischen Dr.Carsten Burkhardt




Paeonia tomentosa, Stapf (spec. nov.); affinis P. Wittmannianae, Steven, foliis facie atroviridibus ob nervos venasque admodum impressas subrugosis, in dorso viridibus (haud glaucis), nervis venisque admodum prommentibus, sepalis saltem basin versus tomentosis, imprimis vero carpellis densissime tomentosis (nec glaberrimis) distincta. Syn. : P. Wittmanniana, Buhse, Anfzähl. Transkauk. Pers. Pfl. 8 (1860); Boissier, Fl. Or. I. 97 (1867), quoad loc. Pera.; non Steven. P. W. var. tomentosa, Lomakin in Trud. Tiflisk. Bot. Sada, II. 283 (1897); Lipsky, Fl. Cauc. (ibid., IV.) 213 (1899); Busch in Kusnezov, Busch & Fomin, Fl. Cauc. Crit. in. 3. p. 14, 224 (1901); Pastouhoff in Trav. Jard. Bot. Tiflis, Ser. 2, fasc. iv. 40 (1926).




P.Mlokosewitschii Lomak. Tr. Tifl. Bot sada, II 282(1897). - P.Wittmanniana v. tomentosa Lomak, in Tr. Tifl. Bot. sada II, 283(1897) - Lipskij, 213, Busch, Fl. cauc crit III, 3,14(190l)- P.tomentosa N.Busch, Opred Ranales, 7(l 919)- Grossheim II, 91, Schipczinski, Fl.SSSR.Vn, 26 (l 939).


 © Übersetzung aus demRussischen Dr.Carsten Burkhardt




Paeonia tomentosa (Lomak.) N. Busch Busch N. A. "Opred." Ranales Cauc. (1919); 7; Grossh. "Fl. Cauc." II (1930) 91; Schipczinsky, in "Fl. USSR" VII (1937) 26. Syn. P. Wittmanniana var. tomentosa Lomak. in "Trudi Tifl. BG" II (1897) 283; Lipsky, "Fl. Cauc." (1899) 213; Schipczinsky in Not. Syst. Hort. Bot. Petrog." 2 (1921) 2 (1921) 44;

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