Paeonia yananensis T. Hong et M. R. Li

Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 12 (3) :227 1992

type: [tree peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):

P. x papaceracea (Andrews) D.- Y. Hong & K.- Y. Pan


original description:


Paeonia yananensis T. Hong et M. R. Li, sp. nov.

Species P. rockii (Haw & Lauener) T. Hong et J. J. Li affinis, sed foliolis ad 11, petalis 4—5 cm longis, dilute purpureo-roseis; stigmatibus discoque atro-purpureis differt.

Frutex deciduus, circa 40cm altus, cortice ravido, striato. Ramuli annui virides. Folia bipinnata, foliolis ad 11, ovato-rotundatis vel ovatis 2.5—7.5cm longis, 1.9—8,3cm latis, apice obtuso-acutis, basi auguste cuneatis, cuneatis vel late cuneatis, partitis vel lobatis et dentatis, subtus sericeis, postremo glabratis, nervis lateralibus utroque latere 2—3, foliolis lateralibus subsessilibus vel petiolulatis, petiolulis 0.1—1.1cm longis, dispersim vel fasciculate longe sericeis. Flores solitarii, terminalesi bracteae anguste elliptico-lanceolatae vel oblanceolatae, 6—8cm longae, 1—1.5cm latae, subtus sericeaei sepala late elliptica vel oblongo-elliptica, 3.8—4cm longa, 2—2.8cm lata, apice rotundata; petala 10, obovata, 4—5cm longa, 3—4.5cm lata, apice emarginata, dilute purpureo-rosea vel alba, basi purpureo-nigro-maculata; stamina numerosa, antheris flavis, linearibus, 4—8mm longis, filamentis 0.7—1.1cm longis, superne albis, ceterum purpureis, discus atro-purpuratus; carpella 5, dense hirsuto-sericea, stigmatibus atro-purpuratis. Follculi non visi. Florescentia Medio Maji.

Shaanxi: ----------------

Yanan Peony (Paeonia yananensis T. Hong et M. R. Li sp. nov.)

It's a rare and endangered wild woody peony species which has a superficial resemblance to Rock's Peony being dark purplish blotched at the base of petals, but is easily distinguished by few leaflets (up to 11), smaller and dilutely purplish roseate or white petals,reddish purple stigma and disk etc.

Picture of Prof. Tao Hong

1997 Osti

A queste specie, che io sono convinto siano tali in base a quanto ho potuto constatare di persona, più o meno recentemente Hong Tao ne ha aggiunte altre (P. yannanensis, P. ridleyii) sulle quali da parte di altri competenti botanici cinesi sono state mosse contestazioni che non appaiono manifestamente infondate. Ho già detto di come avvengono queste classificazioni: non sono un botanico professionista e preferisco astenermi dal prendere parte in questa dotta disputa.


Hong, D.-Y. & Pan, K.-Y. 1999. A revision of the Paeonia suffruticosa complex (Paeoniaceae). -Nordic Journal of Botany 19: 289-299. Copenhagen. ISSN 0107-055X.


Paeonia x papaveracea Andrews (pro sp.)

Bot. Rep. 7:t. 463. 1807. - Type: the plate cited (!).

P. yananensis T. Hong et M. R. Li in Bull. Bot. Res. 12(3): 226. Fig. 3(p. 233). 1992, syn. nov. - Type: China, Shaanxi, Yan'an, Wanhua Shan, in Plalycladus forests, 1991, 05,13, Hong, T. 915013 (CAF).

The specimen Hong, D. Y. and Feng, Y. X. H97068 (see below) extremely resembles Andrews' P. papaveracea in having lobed leaflets, single flowers, white petals with a purple-red blotch at the base, purple-red filaments, red-purple floral disc and red Stigmata (Plate 8). Hong, Pan and Zheng 94009 was collected exactiy at the type locality of P. yananensis, and Hong, Pan and Zheng 94011 was collected at the place ca. 400-500m E of the type locality. These threee Specimens are very similar to each other, and the latter two differ from Hong, D. Y. and Feng, Y. X. H97068 only in having petals pink instead of white. The number of their leaflets is mostly 11-15, in between P. rockii and P. jishanensis. All their characteristics can be found in these two species. Furthermore, P. jishanensis exists on Wanhua Shan, near the peony garden and P. rockii can also be found in the garden. Therefore, we have sufficient evidence to propose that P. papaveracea Andrews is a hybrid between P. rockii and P. jishanensis, and the hybrid escaped from the garden and have become naturalized.

Specimens examined. Shaanxi, Yan'an, Mt. Wanhua Shan, in Platycladus forest, 1994,05,05, Hong, Pan and Zheng 94009(PE); eodem loc. in the valleyofeast side, in Platycladus forest, Hong, Pan and Zheng 94011 (PE); Yan'an, Wanhua Township, Wangjiagou Village, in waste field, Hong, Pan and Zheng 94008 (PE); Yan'an, Mt. Wanhua Shan, in the valley of east side, in cultivation, 1997,05,09, Hong, D. Y. and Feng, Y. X. H97068 (PE).


HONG De-Yuan & PAN Kai-Yu Taxonomical history and revision of Paeonia sect. Moutan (Paeoniaceae) Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica 37(4):351-368(1999)

Paeonia x papaveracea Andrews ( pro. sp. ) in Bot. Rep. 7:t. 463. 1807. TYPE: the plate cited(!)

P. yananensis T. Hong et M. R. Li in Bull. Bot. Res. 12(3): 226, fig. 3(p. 233) 1992. TYPE: China. Shaanxi, Yan'an, Wanhua Shan, in Platycladus forests, 1991-05-13, T. Hong 915013(CAF)

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