Paeonia 'Yu guo tian qing'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]


Classic variety

Yu Guo Tian Qing. Crown form, sometimes anemone form occurs. Flowers 13cm x 8cm, pink faintly bluish (65-C); the outer petals 2-whorled, large, nearly entire and regular, stiff, dark purple basal blotches; inner petals wrinkled, crowded; pistils small. Stalks short, flowers upright. Flowering midseason. Plant medium height, partially spreading. Leaves orbicular, medium- sized, soft, relatively crowded; leaflets broadly ovate, acuminate at the apex, pendulous; upper surface deep greenm conspicuously suffused with purple. Growth vigorous, flowers relatively few. Classic variety.

english translation:

Clear Sky after a Shower

name in Luoyang*:

Yu guo tian qing

name in Hezhe*:

Yu guo tian qing

english translation:

Clear sky after rain

Yu Guo Tian Qing

* cross-references for the Luoyang/Hezhe names are from the english text insert of the booklet 'Zhongguomudan' Chinese tree peonies © Will McLewin 1996 Prepared by Phedar Nursery (England)

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