P. anomala L. var. anomala Cullen & Heywood in Tutin: Flora Europaea

Cullen & Heywood in Tutin: Flora Europaea

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):

Paeonia anomala subsp. anomala


Cullen & Heywood in Tutin: Flora Europaea


2. P. anomala L., Mantissa Alt. 247 (1771). Stems 50-100 cm. Leaf-segments numerous, the ultimate segments deltate or subulate, more than 5 mm wide, glabrous beneath, with minute bristles along the main veins on the upper surface. Flowers 7—13 cm in diameter, red. Filaments yellow. Follicles 3-5 , c. 2 cm. 2n = 10. N.E. Russia. Rs(N, C). (N. Asia.)

Most European plants of this species belong to var. intermedia (C. A. Meyer) B. Fedtsch., with villous follicles, and are regarded by some Russian authors as var. intermedia (C. A. Meyer) Krylov of P. hybrida Pallas. Var. anomala, with glabrous follicles, is restricted in Europe to parts of Ural.

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