Paeonia barrii Lynch

LynchRI, 1890, A new classification of the Genus Paeonia, Journ Royal Horticultural Society vol. 12, pp.428-445 fig. 24-32 .

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):



Description of Lynch


Sub-genus Paeon.

Herbaceous. Petals not leathery, large and expanding, much exceeding the sepals.

E. Leaves glaucous, or of very pale green above, generally of striking grey-green aspect; leaflets glaucous below, and very rarely without distinct pubescence, always divided, and with the lobes often fissured.

I. Flowers distinctly stalked, not apparently sessile, and resting on the upper leaves.

** Carpels hairy.

++ Terminal free divisions of the leaf three-lobed; the middle lobe rarely bifid, never trifid,

§§ Leaf segments three times, or more, as long as they are broad.

22. P. pubens, Sims, Bot. Mag., t. 2264—

Stem hairy. Leaf segments tapering to a point, very hairy below, margins red. Corolla rosy red. (See fig. 33.)

23. P. Barrii (P. Russi, Bot. Mag., t. 8431, non Bivon.).—

Leaf segments about five times as long as broad, scarcely pubescent, but very glaucous below. Corolla brilliant red. Requires a new name, as the type for similar plants with narrow segments scarcely hairy beneath.

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