Paeonia 'Burning Bright'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]


Caprice Farm Nursery


BURNING BRIGHT (Goldsmith), registered by Caprice Farm Nursery, Dec. 26, 1986. Seedling #179, hybrid single, fluorescent pink-red, reliable 34", early midseason.  Parentage—obtained by Roy Leighton, Seattle, Washington from Prof. Saunders, in a non-blooming block of seedlings in 1940. Later, all peonies and seedlings were sold to Goldsmith in 1952. Peggy Goldsmith gave this outstanding lobata seedling #179. It first bloomed in 1953. Rogers of Caprice Farm Nursery bought it from Goldsmith in 1978. Bulletin #261.

The following variety was registered and introduced by the Caprice Farm Nursery BURNING BRIGHT (1986) (Saunders plant from Roy Leighton) Goldsmith Nursery. - Hybrid, pink-red, single.

Burning Bright (Saunders/Rogers 1986) EM.  Single; luminous, brilliant pink-red.  Medium height.  This Saunders origination came to us under seedling number from Keith and Peggy Goldsmith of Washington in the 1970s, the name was later registered by Al Rogers. 

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