Paeonia 'Dai Jo Kuan'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

Peonies, The Manual of the American Peony Society, edited by James Boyd © 1928 American Peony Society: [Check List of Chinese Peonies in Commerce] Japanese Peonies, page 57.

Dai-jo-kuhan. (Millet.) Magenta, edged pink.

DAI-JO-KUHAN (Millet) - Jap. - Magenta, Edged Pink – M.

DIA JO DUHAN (Millet) - Jap. - Pink (Incorrect spelling of DAI-JO-KUHAN). This variety produces blooms in clusters of 4 to 6 blooms per cluster. It is a deep pink with small, short stamens. Letter from Mr. Peyton.

Flower Form: Semi-double

Staking: No

Height:60-90 cm

Bloom Period: Week 5

Fragrance Good

Side Buds: Several per stem

Comments: Numerous small deep pink single flowers appear on a stout bushy plant. Each stem can have as many a six flowers to a stem, making each stem a small bouquet in itself. This is an excellent peony to plant in an area where a large splash of colour is required to be seen from a distance.

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Rivière (1995):

'Dai Jo Kuan'/Millet/ 

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