Paeonia edulis var. sinensis Sims

Bot. Mag. t. 1768 . 1815

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):

P.lactiflora Pallas

Sims, J. ,1815, Paeonia edulis var. sinensis. Chinese Eatable Peony Curtis 's Botanical Magazine t. 1768 .




P.lactiflora Pallas, Reise, 3, 286 (1776).

Syn. P.albiflora Pallas, Fl. Ross. Deser. et Ic. 1, ii, 92, t. 84 (1788); * (For further references the reader should consult the Index Londinensis. Under the name P.lactiflora are placed all the wild and cultivated forms of the species which have glabrous carpels. Many of the garden forms have been given varietal epithets, and the two oldest appear to be var. idulis (P.albiflora var.edulis Pursh) and var. sinensis (P.edulis var. sinensis Sims), both of which date from 1815.)

P.edulis var. sinensis Sims in Bot. Mag. t. 1768 (1815). ...

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