Paeonia 'Fuchsia Dragonfly'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

Fuchsia Dragonfly(Roy G. Klehm, Klehm Nursery) July 6, 2000 Seedling Number K 93-52 Japanese lactiflora. First bloomed 1993. Two rows of fuchsia guard petals. Tight harvest wheat colored enter. Two to four buds per stem, good substance, fragrant. 26" height, good stem strength, midseason bloom.

FUCHSIA DRAGONFLY (Roy G. Klehm, Klehm Nursery), July 3, 1998 Seedling #K93-52. Japanese lactiflora; has a double row of fuch-sia colored guard petals with contrasting straw center. It is cup-shaped with stamens, seeds and fragrant. Good substance, reliable, one-to-three buds per stem with a good amount of bloom. Height 28", excellent stem strength, deep green foliage, vigorous and blooms late.

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