Paeonia 'Ice Storm'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] – [European Rockii]

ICE STORM (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Sept. 11, 1992. Seedling #30369, single suffruticosa. Parentage, open pollinated seedling from Lydia Foote Q.V.; first bloomed 1989. The pure white single flower, 9" in diameter, is distinguished by the very large boss of stamens 6" in diameter. The strongly recurved petals are beautifully sculptured. Blooms in early May, red tips on leaf petiole. Has seeds, pollen and stamens. Propagated by Michel Riviere Nursery, France. Bulletin #285.

Rockii-hybrid because of its parentage, growth vigor and leaf structure


Rivière (2000):ICE STORM '(Sir Peter Smithers, 1989). (Simple). Magnifique fleur en coupe, blanc pur, pouvant atteindre 25 à 27 cm de diamètre. Se distingue par une grosse touffe de longues étamines mordorées. Les pétales les plus grands sont gracieusement découpés.

Peter Ries:

Large flowering pure white blossoms are distinguished by the large boss of stamens. The strongly recurved petals are beautifully sculptured.

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