Paeonia L.subsp. villosa (Huth) Cullen & Heywood

in: Feddes Repert. 69 32-35 (1964)

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):

officinalis ssp. huthii A. Soldano 1993

Passalaqua & Bernardo (2004)

in The Genus Paeonia in Italy (2004)


original Description:


P. officinalis L.subsp. villosa (Huth) cullen & heywood, stat.nov.

Syn. P. peregrina var. villosa Huth, Engl. Bot. Jahrh. 14: 270 (1891) P.humilis var. villosa (Huth) F.C.Stern, Jour. Roy. Hort. Soc. 68:129 (1943); A study of the genus Paeonia 106 (1946). ? P. villosa Desf., Tabl. Ecole Bot. 126 (1804), nom. nud.

Distribution: France, Italy.

The combination P. officinalis subsp. villosa (desf.) was proposed by Ciferri & Giacomini, Nomenclator Florae Italicae Pars altera: Dycotiledones, Fasc. I: 308 (1954) but without reference to the place of publication of the basionym and thereby invalid under the Code of Nomenclature.

P. villosa Desf. which is sometimes cited as the basionym of this taxon is a nomen nudum. huth (op. cit.) does not mention P. villosa Desf. except in the index when he gives "villosa Desf. Sweet = peregrina Mill".


Cullen & Heywood in Tutin: Flora Europaea


(c) Subsp. villosa (Huth) Cullen & Heywood, Feddes Report. 69; 34 (1964): Stems and petioles floccose. Leaflets divided to not more than 1/3 of the distance to base. Follicles tomentose. From S. France to C. Italy.

Passalaqua & Bernardo (2004)

in The Genus Paeonia in Italy (2004)


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