Paeonia officinalis Retz. var. lobata (Desf.) Lynch


LynchRI, 1890, A new classification of the Genus Paeonia, Journ Royal Horticultural Society vol. 12, pp.428-445 fig. 24-32 .

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):



Description of Lynch


Sub-genus Paeon.

Herbaceous. Petals not leathery, large and expanding, much exceeding the sepals.

B. Leaflets normally quite entire, rarely divided, but sometimes deeply to the base; never decurrent or confluent, except sometimes the lateral leaflets of a terminal trio

** Carpels hairy.

++ Leaves decidedly hairy below.

14. P. officinalis, Retz., Bot. Mag., 1.1784.—

As above. The common species in gardens; single and double species vary from white to red. Southern half of Europe.

var. lobata (P. lobata. Desf.), Sweet, Fl. Garden, t. 70, not of Rchb., Flora Germanica.—

Dwarfer than all the forms of officinalis proper. Leaf segments numerous, very obtuse, and decurrent, much imbricated, sometimes slightly pubescent below. Easily recognised by its unique brilliant salmon-coloured flower. Native of Portugal according to De Candolle's Systema.

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