Paeonia peregrina Mill.var. compacta Anders.

Trans. Linn. Soc. London, 12, 266 1818

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

Paeonia peregrina – historische Kultivare

Diese historischen Definitionen von Paeonia peregrina weichen erheblich von unserer heutigen ab. Viele der zu Saunders' Zeit als Varietäten von Paeonia officinalis angesehenen Formen (wie 'Fire King', 'Otto Froebel', Sunbeam' etc.) gehören heute eindeutig in den Formenkreis von Paeonia peregrina, womit auch Baker's zitierter Ausspruch zu verstehen ist.

Lynch (1890):

Sub-genus Paeon.

Herbaceous. Petals not leathery, large and expanding, much exceeding the sepals.

E. Leaves glaucous, or of very pale green above, generally of striking grey-green aspect; leaflets glaucous below, and very rarely without distinct pubescence, always divided, and with the lobes often fissured. (See figs. 30-33.)

I. Flowers distinctly stalked, not apparently sessile, and resting on the upper leaves.

** Carpels hairy.

+ Terminal free (stalked) divisions of the leaf usually three-lobed, with the middle lobe trifid. (See fig. 30.)

18. P. peregrina, Mill. (as understood, I believe, by Anderson and Miller).—

Stems about 2 feet high. Leaflets ovate-lanceolate, usually flat.

var. byzantina, Anders.

A smaller plant than arietina. Stem 2 feet high, covered with white hairs. Leaves bitemate, remarkable for pale grass-green colour ; middle leaflet three-lobed, deeply incised or pinnatifid; leaflets more obtuse at the base than those of arietina, rarely decurrent. Calyx glabrous. Seeds oblong. I have not seen a plant that answers this description or to match the specimen in Kew Herbarium.

var. compacta, Anders.

About 1 foot high. Leaflets broad and imbricating, ultimate divisions very obtuse, deep green above. Calyx pilose at the base. Corolla purple-red. Seeds round.

A.P. Saunders: PEONY SPECIES (Other than albiflora and moutan) in: Peonies, The Manual of the American Peony Society, edited by James Boyd © 1928 American Peony Society:

P. peregrina. South Europe. (Bot. Mag., Vol. 26, PI. 1050.) "Not distinct from P. officinalis as a species in any broad sense. I do not know how to distinguish it from P. pubens or P. banatica"Baker. Flowers bright crimson. Varieties:

Blushing Maid




Daniel Dewar


Grevillei rosea

Grevillei rubra

Ruby Queen



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