Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. var. papaveracea (Andr.) Kerner

Hort. Sempervir. t. 473 fide Index Londinensis (1816)

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid]


Reference of Haw and Lauener


P. suffruticosa Andr. cv. 'Papaveracea' in Bean, Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles (8th ed.) 4: 81 (1976).

Syn.: P. papaveracea Andr., Bot. Rep. 7: t.463 (1807). Type: the platecited.

P. suffruticosa Andr. var. papaveracea (Andr.) Kerner, Hort. Semperv. 5:1.473(1816).

Leaves with 9 sharply-pointed leaflets, terminal leaflet trilobed (Fig. Ib), flowers single, petals white flushed pink, blotched with reddish-purple at the base, sheath enclosing carpels purple, filaments purple throughout their length.

Cult. spec. from garden of Major A. Pam at Wormley Bury, Herts. (K); cult. spec. from garden of Mr D. Parsons, Broxbourne, Herts., 5 v 1989, S. G. Haw 89-001 (E); cult. spec. Herb. Hookerianum 1867 (K): cult. spec. from Jardin de Cels, Orangerie, 18 iv 1822, Herb. J. Gay (K).

Known only in cultivation; the plant on which the type specimen (the plate in Andrews, 1807) was based was introduced by ship from Guangzhou to the garden of Sir Abraham Hume at Wormley Bury in Hertfordshire in 1802.

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