Paeonia 'Sedona'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]



(Seidl/Bremer 2013)

Sedona. Seidl/Bremer. 2013. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Seedling #50. Semi-double to single. Color is a blend that often looks like the Sedona red rock in Arizona. Pink stigmas, red sheath and stamens. The plant is heavy blooming and often produces 3 buds to a stem. Fertility is very high and seedlings are among the best we've seen from any cultivar. Crossed with Rosalind Elsie Franklin, we have produced numerous future registrations. Flowers on Sedona do hang and bend downward, but the plants are stunning when in bloom. Sedona produces many ground shoots well away from the original plant after a time. One of my favorite plants for many reasons. Long bloom season due to secondary shoots flowering well after others have finished blooming. Not easy to graft due to the low percentage of terminals produced (most stems flower). Easy seed setter and great pollen. (#8 x #11 (D223 x Chinese Dragon

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