Paeonia 'Aegean'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]



(Bremer 2016)

Aegean. Bremer. 2016. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Seedling number is #NB-SH72. Aegean has very large (9") semi-double flowers that open the lightest pink and quickly fade to white. Petals have pink feathered flares and are highly ruffled and crimped. The sheath is pink and stigmas are cream. Filaments are pink and tipped with waxy yellow anthers. Multi carpeled. Plants are short (2.5' to 3') and clothed in large glossy blue-green foliage, which has no red in it. Stems are heavy and woody, easily supporting the huge flowers. Flower carriage is outward. Of easy culture. Has pollen and some seed. (Anna Marie x Stolen Heaven).

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