Paeonia 'From the Deep'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]



(Bremer 2016)

From the Deep. Bremer. 2016. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. (Anna Marie x Kamata Fuji). Very large single bluish lavender that becomes darker near the center of the flower. Interior petals are darker than the outer petals. Petals are narrow and very elongated with fluting and small rough notching along the outer edges. Petals also curl and twist. Sheath and filaments are violet-purple and stigmas are pink. Stamens are tipped with white twisted anthers. Stems may make annual growth of 3' or more, but are sometimes winter killed in Wisconsin, only to regrow from basal buds and bloom the same year. Leaves are very large and deep green, resembling oversized P. ostii foliage. From the Deep is a very unusual flower and plant that conjures up visions of creatures from the ocean depths. Excellent and a flower that we look forward to seeing each year. No fertility to date.

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