Paeonia 'Ganymede'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]



(Bremer 2017)

Ganymede. Bremer. 2017. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. (Seidl #46 x Seidl #16). #46=Reath A-197 x Chinese Dragon; #16=Golden Experience x Chinese Dragon. Seedling #NB15. Ganymede has large lavender-pink semi-double flowers with small veins of maroon. Maroon flares are present. Flowers are highly ruffled. Stigmas and sheath are light creamy pink and filaments are maroon. Has pollen and seeds. Foliage is wide and dark green. Dense foliage to the ground covers stems. Good basal growth and average amount of flowers. Strong grower and a good looking plant out of bloom. One to two flowers per stem. Named for the largest moon of Jupiter and only moon with magnetic properties.

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