Paeonia 'Seidl #245'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]

Seidl #245. Theresa Griesbach/Seidl. Unregistered. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. (Anna Marie x Rosalind Elsie Franklin) Garden named 'Hanako-Chan by Bill Seidl. From seed grown by Theresa Griesbach and named for her mother. Hana means flower, ko means girl, chan is a term of endearment. Early foliage is somewhat chartreuse-green, changing to typical green later. Pinkish-lavender; maybe more lavender-purple under certain conditions. Outside it fades lighter. Dark burgundy flares, filaments are red, no anthers, deep pink. No sheath and has 7-8 smooth grass-green carpels, which form a perfect circle. Hence, Bill Seidl also calls it Seven Green Turtles Bobbing on a Pink Sea. Form is single to semi-double, with petal edges scalloped, sometimes crinkled and folded inwards. Foliage, plant habit and flowers all have characteristics of a rockii hybrid, although parentage is of advanced generation lutea hybrid. Tallish plants with stiff upward growing stems, reminiscent of rockii types. It seed parent, Anna Marie, produces wide ranging leaf structures in its seedlings, as well as, unusual flower forms. Floriferous and many laterals will bloom. No pollen to date.

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