The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.6













May 3. Hybrid. Seedling 63. Single, dull red wine. Three feet tall. Blooms late April. Bulletin #223.

CAMPUS QUEEN-William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio, May 1977. Bloomed before May 3. Hybrid. Seedling #173. Gay. single purple red, large flowers. Blooms late April. Bulletin #223.

CAPITAL DOME (5-65) - Myron D. Bigger, 201 N. Rice Road, Topeka, Kansas 66616,1979. Parentage unknown. An early pure white bomb type bloom on a thirty-six inch stem with clean bright green foliage.

CORAL SURPRISE - Originator unknown. First bloomed about 1970. Coral pink single hybrid, 26-28 in height. Average amount of bloom, early, clean light green foliage. Registered, Roy Klehm, Aug. 1985.

CAROLYN S. GAKER -William H. Krekler, 1976. Deep pink Jap. Parentage unknown - (could be Westerner). Backs and tips of petaloids cream, fades to near white, bush and flower not large, has seeds, landscape type, reliable with average amount of bloom.

CARVER (K 781)-William H. Krekler, May 1978. Hybrid, 39-inch, double row deep red petals. Bulletin #227.

CHEDDAR CHARM -Roy G. Klehm, May 29, 1985. Seedling #11.I. Parentage, line bred Bowl of Cream seedlings. First bloomed 1968. Double lactiflora anemone of white/yellow. Good substance, no stamens or pollen. Fragrant. Excellent reliability. Height 34" with good stem strength, early, super vigor. A sharply contrasting flower combining the purest white and richest gold blossom colors. Double row of guard petals, clear smooth buds. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.

CHEDDAR GOLD - Seedling 922N - Parentage Charlies White x Alice Harding (lactiflora). Selected in 1959 by my father Carl G. Klehm - out of the same "mold" as Cheddar Cheese, this beautiful flower shows a remarkable amount of Gold petalage and petioloids for a pure lactiflora, stiff strong stems and healthy foliage. Semi-bomb type flower. Registered by Roy G. Klehm. Bulletin #220.

CHEDDAR SURPRISE - Roy Klehm, Charles Klehm and Son Nursery. Jan. 25. 1980. Seedling #108. Lactiflora. Parentage, line bred Bowl of Cream. First bloomed 1967. Reliable, pollen, seeds and fragrant. Semi-double to fully double white rose flowers with numerous gold petaloids and stamenoids prevailing throughout the blossom. Midseason, medium height, plants approximately 28 inches tall. Excellent green foliage and good sturdy stems. Displayed in the seedling class. Fifth District 1979 show. Plant Patent applied for.

CHERUB -William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio, June 1977. Seedling #674. Lactiflora, Glowing flesh double, hardy. Registered by Roy Klehm. Bulletin #223.

CHIN HI - William H. Krekler, Somerville. Ohio, June 1977. Seedling #524. Lactiflora, tallest peony, deep red, average size. Cutter. Registered by Roy Klehm. Bulletin #223.

CHIFFON PARFAIT - Roy Klehm - Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, January 2, 1981. Parentage: Line bred Mons. Jules Elie x President Taft seedlings; first bloomed 1950; seedlings #838D. Double lactiflora, soft salmon pink, ball form, no stamens, pollen or seeds, fragrant, excellent reliability, and good substance. Unusual soft shell salmon pink, very late, heavy petalage in blossoms with unusual round ball-shaped blooms. Strong stems with excellent foliage, 36 inches. Cut and show flower usefulness. Four buds per stem. Plant patent applied for.

CHINA ROSE (Officinalis) - Species, double bomb shaped, 26" height. Listed 1955.