The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.23











RHAPSODY IN PINK (560)-William H. Krekler, 1977. Lactiflora. Dull silvery deep pink double. Upright. Registered by Roy Klehm, Arlington Heights. 111., 1977. Bulletin #224.

RICHMOND-William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio, 1975. Dark red double, side buds semi-double. Stamens peep. Check list 1976, name only. Bulletin #219.

RIVIDA (John Harrell, Aurora, Illinois). Parentage unknown, bloomed in the mid-50's. Lactiflora, height 30". Single, bright violet-red with multiple buds. Sets seeds readily. If seed pods are left on the plant to dry, they open flat to make leather or carved wood appearing flower that are excellent for dried arrangements. Named for two grandmothers, Riva and Ida. Registered by Steve Varner, Monticello, Illinois, August 9, 1985.

ROSE CITY (Walter Marx) - Introduced by Rogers, Sherwood, Oregon, May 19, 1981. Seedling #68-11; lactiflora; Japanese; parentage unknown; first bloomed 1965. Silvery rose, white edge, cup form, good substance, no fragrance, good bloom, strong stems; 30- to 40-inch height; EM; dark green crinkled leaves; brownish stems; long, silky staminodes; petals a distinctive old rose.

ROSE GNOME (Krekler-Klehm), May 31. 1985. #210. Hybrid, bright rosy-pink single cup with a thick puff of yellow stamens. Flowers are delicate, only 3" in width, height 14" early, musty fragrance, pollen, fair substance, thick blue-green foliage. Rock Garden Series. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.

ROY PEHRSONS BEST YELLOW (Roy Pehrson. Lafayette, Minn. 1982). Parentage - Quad F2 (an off white) x Moonrise F2 (pink). First bloomed 1971. Medium height, good stems, dark green foliage. Soft yellow color, flower of good size and substance. Satisfactory seed maker, making pods of medium size. Good pollen. Registered by Chris Laning 1982. Bulletin H 242. (E. LEROY PEHRSON - (He gave, so the rest of us might enjoy this flower, his achievement - one beautiful/soft yellow herbaceous peony.))

ROYAL ROSE (Reath F-11) - David L. Reath, 100 Central Ave., Vulcan, Michigan 49892; Parentage, Paula Fay x Moonrise; first bloomed 1974. Hybrid, medium pink, flat semi-double flower. One terminal bloom per stem. Stamens, pollen, reliable, 30 inches in height, sturdy stems, holds flower erect. Early, blooms with othec lobata hybrids, deep green, glossy foliage. This seedling of Paula Fay has good plant habits. It is similar in color but has more petals (semi-double) with a few side buds. Pollen is fertile and the carpels set seed easily. Easily propagated by adventitious bud formation on root cuttings. A characteristic from Paula Fay.

ROYAL TOT (Krekler-Klehm)-May 31, 1985. No seedling number (R. G. Purple). Hybrid single of orchid/cerise color with loose fringe of buttery yellow stamens. The petals are satiny and frilled. Bush 16" height, bloom height 19". Bloom width 3 ¾ . Petal width 1 ¼'' . Fragrant, early, clear medium green, unusual foliage. Fair stem strength. Rock Garden Series. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.

RUMPLED PINK (K 824)-William H. Krekler, June 3. 1978. Lactiflora, 38-inch, double flesh. Big. Registered by Charles Klehm and Son Nursery. Bulletin #229.

RUSSI MAJOR (hybrid) - Russi, "Major" Wister book, page 56. Actually a Lemoine hybrid between russi and wittmanniana but usually found listed among species. Silvia Saunders 1971 lists it under "species" peonies. Light yellow or cream flowers, reddish stems, bluish-green foliage, remains in excellent condition right up to frost. Information, William J. Seidl.