The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.24













SALMON CHIFFON (Nathan Rudolph-Roy Klehm), June 25, 1981. Seedling #63-02; single hybrid, parentage, possibly seed from Lovely Rose; first bloomed 1963. Salmon, single, good substance, stamens, pollen, fragrant, no seeds; 30-inch height, early, good stem strength with foliage lighter green than normal. Intensely salmon-colored hybrid of great promise. The poised, cup-shaped blooms are very appealing and rather large for a hybrid.

SALMON DREAM (Reath F-10), David L. Reath, 100 Central Ave., Vulcan. Michigan 49892, 1979. Parentage, Paula Fay x Moonrise; Sib. of F-11; first bloomed in 1974. Hybrid, pale salmon pink, semi-double, flat flower. Reliable, good substance, pollen and seeds. Sturdy stems, 30-inches in height, early bloom with other lobata hybrids, deep green glossy foliage. Seedling of Paula Fay, similar plant habits. The pale salmon pink color shows the cream inherited from Moonrise. Sets seeds very easily. Does not form adventitious buds on root cuttings, therefore slower of propagation. Proven useful for hybridizing.

SALMON SURPRISE (Lyman Cousins-Roy Klehm). June 25, 1981. Seedling #75-5; single hybrid; first year bloomed about 1968 or 1970; parentage unknown. Salmon coral pink single, good substance, stamens, pollen, no seeds and no fragrance; good stem strength, 30-inch height, early. Good, bushy plant and bright coral blooms make this new hybrid a very good garden subject.

SCOTCH LASSIE (William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio), May 1977. Hybrid, bloomed before May 6. Seedling #302. Single, baby pink, streaked with white, sparse. Bulletin #223.

SERI SCOUT (William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio), May 1977. Hybrid bloomed before May 6. Seedling #229. Small, deep carmen red, single. Gay. dense bush, the best. Bulletin #223.

SHAWNEE LAD (K 748) -William H. Krekler, May 1978. Hybrid, 22-inch, red bowl full of gold. Bulletin #227.

SHAWNEE ROSE (74-55)-Myron D. Bigger, 201 N. Rice Road, Topeka, Kansas 66616, 1979. Parentage, Nippon Beauty x ?, full double dark pink to light red with few stamens. A very reliable bloomer. Thirty-six inch stems with good foliage.

SHAWNEE PAPOOSE (William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio), May 1977. Hybrid, blooms before May 6. Seedling #250. Large rich red single, dense bush, showy. Bulletin #223.

SHEYENNE CHIEF (Ben Gilbertson, Kindred, North Dakota), Sept. 15. 1981. Seedling #6601; double lactiflora; parentage, seedling 5908 x open; first bloomed 1971. Dark red ball, no stamens, pollen, or seeds; no fragrance. Good substance; 30 inches; good stems, vigorous grower with clean, dark green foliage. Late. A showy peony in every way. It takes a long time to open but never fails.

SHIN LO (William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio). May 1977. Hybrid, bloomed before May 6. Seedling #334. Single, orange, smaUest flowered on lowest bush. Bulletin #223.

SHOWGIRL (Don Hollingsworth, 5831 N. Colrain Ave., Kansas City, Missouri 64151), July 7, 1984. Seedling #688. Japanese Anemone, Lactiflora type, hybrid origin. Parentage Dawn Pink (the speckled one) x Echo (second generation of Lacti x Anomola). First bloomed 1975. Warm petals and large cream center of broad, heavy petalodes. well grown plants develop center petals which add flash and style. Flowers early on medium height stems with dark green foliage well down.

SHOW OPENER (William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio). May 1977. before May 3. Hybrid. Seedling #152. Red, single, low, bloomed first with Early Bird. Bulletin #223.