The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.26















SUNKIST (K 117)-William H. Krekler. May 1978. Hybrid, 29-inch, nice big gay single red, cutter. Bulletin #227.

SUNNY BOY (Chris Laning) - October, 1985. Seedling #99 - also known as "Laning's Best Yellow." Parentage, Quad F3 x Moonrise. First bloomed 1975. Full double of medium yellow color with purple red flares at the petal base. Foliage deep green, 30" height, standing fairly erect. Sets seeds and reports are that the pollen is highly effective on difficult crosses.

SUNNY GIRL (Chris Laning) - October, 1985. Seedling #66 - similar to Sunny Boy but without flares at its base. Parentage Quad F3 x SILVER DAWNF3. First bloomed 1978. Full double of medium yellow color. Foliage dark green with stems very erect standing 36 inches tall. Has good pollen and sets seed.

SUNNY SIDE UP (15-65)-Myron D. Bigger, 201 Rice Road, Topeka, Kansas 66616, 1979. Pure white Japanese with very heavy bright yellow stamenodes. Red tipped green carpels. Good green foliage on thirty-six inch stems.

SUPERIOR-(David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March 1984. Seedling #C-38. Single, Sib of Ann Cousins x (Macro x Good Cheer). First bloomed 1970. Salmon color, single, one bud per stem. Strong stems carry bloom erect. Height 35" - blooms in season of lobata hybrids. Good vigor. Received H. C. award at the Milwaukee show, 1983.

SWEET AND LOW-(William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio), May 1977. Hybrid, bloomed before May 6. Seedling #275. Generous single red. Neat dense bush. Picturesque. Bulletin #223.

SWEETIE-(William H. Krekler. Somerville, Ohio). June 1977. Seedling #522. Lactiflora, lavender pink double. Dwarf, eighteen inches. Best. Registered by Roy Klehm. Bulletin #223.

SWEET PRINCE (K 785) - William H. Krekler, May 1978. Hybrid. 21-inch big red single cup. Bulletin #227.

THUMBELINA-(Krekler-Klehm), June 8, 1985. O 732. Hybrid, single, rosy piny cup, stamens, pollen and fragrant. 15" in height, early, good heavy medium green foliage. Floriferous. Rock Garden Series. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.

TIMOTEO - (William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio), May 1977. Blooms before May 3. Hybrid, seedling #190. Dark red large single. Flowers on 28-inch bush. The best. Bulletin #223.

TINKERBELL-(Krekler-Klehm), May 31, 1985. Seedling # none (R. G. Lavender), hybrid, lavender pink cup single with short golden stamens. Good substance with moderately musty fragrance. Bloom 3 ¼" width, petals 1 ¼", height 12". Early, pollen, good stem strength, slender medium blue-green, clean foliage. Rock Garden Series. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.

TINY TIM - (Tenuifolia Ruba Plena x .........), semi-double red. 10" in height. Perfect plant habit. Leaves to the ground. Introduced by Louis Smirnow, 1975.

TOY DELIGHT - (Krekler-Klehm), June 19, 1985. Seedling number (Belgium Dwarf), single hybrid. Scarlet red cupped single with long golden stamens, 4" bloom width. Heavy amount of bloom, good substance, stamens, pollen, seeds and fragrant. Height 20", early, with heavy compact of medium clean, green leaves. Rock Garden Series. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.

TOY SOLDIER-(Krekler-Klehm), May 31. 1985.#311. Hybrid, scarlet red single with cupped petals. Bloom high above foliage. Bright golden stamens with raspberry base surround a group of celery carpels tipped pink. Height 7", 2 3/8 bloom width, l'/4" petal width. Early, small bushes with a flat shape, clean medium green foliage, good stem strength. Moderately sweet musk aroma. Rock Garden Series. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.