The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.32












CHORE - (William Gratwick), tree peony lutea hybrid. Small 3-4" single, lavender flowers something like a moutan anemone. Quite unusual color, floriferous and very distinct. Parentage unknown. The name refers to the small statues made by the Greeks to affirm human bonds to their gods. The Greeks believed that the male form was a human copy of the perfection of the male Olympian gods. To strive for physical perfection through athletic feats was an affirmation of religious beliefs, so that name reflects the dignity and glorification of physical beauty - a wonderful attribute for a tree peony.

COMPANION OF SERENITY, William Gratwick, Pavilion, N.Y. Delicate, soft, airy light pink.

COPPER ROSE, tree peony. Originator unknown. First bloomed 1945-1946. Blend of rose, ivory, cream and yellow. 36" height, midseason bloom. Good foliage. Presently propagated by Reath and Klehm. Registered by Roy Klehm, Aug. 1985.

DARK OF THE MOON - William Gratwick, Pavilion, N.Y. Dark Maroon.

DEMETRA - Nassos Daphnis (D-19) L-26 x J39 (Shin-tenchi). Double golden flowers on strong stems held well above the foliage. Petals are rimmed with red. Named after the Greek goddess of the earth.

TOICHI DOMOTO, 26521 Whitman St., Hayward, California - tree peonies - Since the early 1930's, Mr. Domoto has been gathering seed from the finest Moutan varieties. Seeds were planted and the seedlings have produced a wide range of colors. These plants are being cultivated, under number and will be named.

D. H. LAURENCE (Nassos Daphnis) F1, no pedigree.

DR. MARTIN SMIRNOW-tree peony (Smirnow 1977, Brookville, L.I., N.Y.). Parentage Yuki gasane x Shirotae. Pure white, fullest double, large size 10-12 in. flowers. Luminous petals, free bloomer, flowers held high on straight stems. Easy grower. Registered Louis Smirnow. Bulletin #221.

EXOTIC ERA (David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March 1984. Seedling # A 201. Lutea hybrid. Parentage: Marchioness x Daphnis fertile lutea hybrid pollen. First bloomed 1971. Blend of apricot and rose, single, stamens, pollen and seeds. Heavy substance with moderate amount of bloom. Flower is held well above foliage, 3" in height. Blooms with the lutea hybrids, average vigor with heavy textured leaves. An improved Marchioness with better textured petals, heavier leaves. Fertile as a pod and pollen parent.

FANTASTICA - Louis Smirnow, Brookville L.I., New York, 1978. Parentage Sahohime x Owyashima. Pale lilac color, 33-36 inches in height. Free bloomer, huge flower, fringed petals. Bulletin #226.

GAUGUIN-Nassos Daphnis (D-22) L-26 x J34 (Shin-tenchi). Still the most unusual of the hybrids. Each petal is suffused with deep red on the inner side, with strokes of yellow running from the base to the rim; on the outer, or reverse, side of the petal are streaks of red across a deep yellow. The center is dark red, while the anthers are yellow. The vivid, exotic colors suggest the paintings of Paul Gauguin.

GOLDEN ERA-(David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March 1984. Seedling # A199. Lutea hybrid. Parentage: Golden Isle x Daphnis fertile pollens. First bloomed 1971. Yellow, reddish flares, stamens, pollen, seeds, fragrant. One to three buds per stem, moderate amount of bloom, sturdy stems, flowers held high above the foliage, 5' height. Bloom in lutea hybrid season, sturdy growth, heavy textured leaves. Carpels green, cream stigmatic tips, reddish maroon flares at base of petals, radiates outward. Very light reddish picotee edge on most petals, very heavy petal substance. Fertile pod and pollen.