(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 25








Sparkling Windflower was overlooked when Saunders peonies were registered by Dr. Reath. Reath's catalog 1971. SPARKLING WINDFLOWER (Silvia Saunders), 1971. Dainty noddling red windflowers swaying gracefully on thirty-six inch stems. This rare Early Windflower F-2 plant is a delightful garden addition. It should be of interest to the hybridizer.

STEVE VARNER (D. Steve Varner, Monticello, Illinois), Dec. 13, 1991. Seedling #V2085, herbaceous hybrid, double. Parentage (Arcturus x Hollingsworth #95, little red x sib.). First year bloomed 1982. "Hot pink" red double ball, good substance, reliable, stamens and pollen. Height 32" mid-season bloom, foliage, August decidious. This bright red double hybrid is a classic, in that it has garden value that gives it individuality. This peony is named after my father, Steve Varner. Bulletin #281.

STREAKER (D. Steve Varner), 1690 N. State St., Monticello, IL 61856, July 1, 1996. Seedling #V1014, double lactiflora. Parentage Rivida x Miss America. First bloomed 1981. Novelty light pink with red stripes. Is ball form, some petals are longer. It is reliable, 4 buds per stem, has stamens and pollen. Fair substance. Height 30" with average stem strength. Vigorous, good foliage. Slight fragrance. One of several from this cross, white and pink with various amounts and depth of color variegations. Novelty, easily recognized.

SUBTLETY (Maurice Menard), July 7, 1996, Laval Quebec, Canada. Unknown parentage. Herbaceous hybrid. Single, 7" light yellow flower, shading to white. Semi-strong stems on 24-26" plant. Early.

SUGAR N' SPICE (Al Rogers, Sherwood, Oregon), Sept. 2, 1988. Seedling #.83-3, single hybrid. First year bloomed was 1981. Creamy pink hybrid with cupped form. It has pollen, seeds, good substance and most reliable. Early, excellent stem strength, 24" in height with dark green heavy textured foliage. The flower is fluted and lightly ruffled. The flower is the color of peppermint candy and sets on top of the foliage. It is unaffected by the weather, always standing upright and seems to be highly resistant to botrytis. Bulletin #268.

(Seedling #685, registered as Super Glow, has been changed to SUMMER GLOW.)

SUMMER GLOW (Don Hollingsworth, Kansas City, Missouri), Jan. 17, 1992. Seedling number 685, parentage Paeonia lactiflora Lady Alexandra Duff x Clair de Lune. First bloomed before 1980. Full double hybrid, RHS color chart: overall 18D yellow orange (pale) with variable suffusion of51D, peace. Strong stems, 30-36 height, large dark green foliage, disease tolerant, large flower, reliable. No stamens or carpels found. This hybrid, backcross to lactiflora, looks lactiflora except the yellow color which remains distinct to petal fall. Certificate of Merit, 1991. Bulletin #281.

SUMMER SNOW (Lyman D. Glasscock), registered by Elizabeth Falk, August 14, 1987. Seedling #A1A59. First bloomed unknown. Parentage unknown. A white single hybrid with pollen, seeds and stamens. Reliable, 30" in height, with excellent stem strength, mid-season bloom, large leaf of medium green. Bulletin #264.