(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 28








VIOLET DAWSON (Roy Klehm), June 15, 1988. Seedling #110H. Japanese lactiflora. Parentage, line bred Bowl of Cream (F3). First bloomed 1968. Ivory and gold, a well-structured, large flowering Japanese-style blossomed bush. Occasional petal tufts emerge from the flower center which matches the ivory guard petals. A flat form, good substance, fragrant, seeds, no stamen or pollen, very good stem strength, 30" in height, very lush dark green foliage, early bloom. Reliability, excellent. Bulletin #268.

The registered name of peony. Vivid Salmon Glow has been changed to VIVID GLOW

VIVID GLOW (Lyman Cousins), 1986. Parentage unknown. Seedling #Cousins 74-2. Bloomed 1974. Vivid salmon single hybrid. Stamens, seeds and pollen. Extra good stem strength, 32" height, very early large cup-shaped single flower, very vivid salmon pink hybrid, vigorous. Bulletin #259.

WEDDING DAY (Roger F. Anderson, Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin), July 2, 1992. Seedling #14286. Parentage Martha W. x Rose Shaylor. First bloomed 1989. Pure white, single lactiflora, has stamens, pollen and seeds. Good substance. Blooms opening all at once on top of self supporting stems with dark green foliage. 30-32", blooms at mid-season. Bulletin #283. Sept., 1992.

WHITE DOVES (Don Hollingsworth, Maryville, Missouri), June 30, 1996. Seedling #1649. Parentage Archangel x Claire De Lune. First bloomed before 1988. Opaque white single hybrid, cupped flower, light yellow stamens, with mild fragrance. Medium height, 30 inches tall, generally erect. Good stem strength, spreads some when mature. Vigorous, medium large foliage.

WHITE EMPEROR (Bill Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin), April 13, 1989. Seedling # none. Garden name has always been the same. Hybrid, semi-double. Parentage Mutation or sport of Yellow Emperor. First year bloomed, first observed 1977. Semi-double white with light purple flares by cream stamen ring. Light grey carpels tipped cream with cream sheath. Plant habit same as Yellow Emperor. 30" high, strong stems, blooms early lactiflora season. Bulletin #272.

WHITE FROST (David L. Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), Jan. 28, 1992. Seedling #79-41-A; first year bloomed 1979. Parentage White Charm x Reath semi-double white lactiflora. White hybrid, bomb type, full double, heavy amount of bloom, good substance and fragrant. Adequate stem strength, 30" height, blooms early lactiflora season, one to three side buds. Bulletin #282. June, 1992.

ZOE ION VANHOUTEN (Zlatana Jennie Draskovich), Gary, Indiana, June 26, 1996. Seedling #ZL 456. Parentage: Colchicine treated Dayton x Colchicine treated Mons Jules Elie. Red-violet double lactiflora, ball form, good substance, stamens, pollen, seeds, reliable. Height 42 inches, strong stems, holds up well after twelve days of rain. Very vigorous, medium green foliage. This delicately fragrant large 6-7 inch bloom reminds me of my grandmother, Zoe Ion VanHouten. Her rosy cheeks are reminiscent in the red violet blooms. I learned how to pollinate peonies from her. It is in memory of this noble lady that I name my best lactiflora Zoe Ion VanHouten. Photo on file. Bulletin #299.