(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 36







DOJEAN (Sir Peter Smithers, 6921 Vico Morcote, Switzerland), May 4,1990. Seedling number 30350 tree peony. Parentage, Hindo Desekai x Suffruticosa, Rock's variety, U.K. form. White, crimson pink capsule, good substance, pollen, seeds, reliable as Rocks variety. The stem strength has the vigor of the seed parent, probably attains the height of seven feet, blooms in late April, very vigorous plant with foliage, same as Rocks variety. The white capsule of Rocks variety has been replaced by the crimson of the Japanese parent (RHS63A). Flares much redder than in Rocks (RHS58A). Flower form and substance as in Rocks. Rocks some- times has a pale pink flush. This seedling is dead white. (The picture shows 20 or more petals. I would make it a semi-double. - Comment by Don Hollingsworth.) Bulletin #275.

DOOR COUNTY SUNSET (Bill Seidl), Manitowoc, Wisconsin, July 9, 1996. Seedling #SH-106. Parentage (SH-11: Daphnis 223 x Chinese Dragon) x Golden Era. Hybrid tree peony. First bloomed 1989 as a four-year-old seedling. Cream base overlaid dusky rose, darker picotee and flares, single, up to 15 petals. Reliable, 1-3 buds per stem, stamen, pollen, seeds and fragrant. Good substance. Floriferous as lateral flowers are freely produced, up to 60 blossoms per plant. Good carriage, vigorous, very good stem strength, blooms mid-season. Blooms well after the coldest Winters. Clump size is 36" high x 40" wide. Fertile both ways. Residents and tourists in Door County, Wisconsin see beautiful sunsets over the waters of Green Bay, hence the name.

DREAM WISTERIA (Domoto-Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery. Seedling #K87- 3A. Wisteria lavender, semi-double tree peony. Parentage: Moutan seedling raised by Toichi Domoto, first year bloomed 1987. It has stamens, pollen and seeds with good substance, reliable and fragrant. Heavier petallage, almost double, good row of guard petals which helps to hold the excellent flower form. Good stem strength, 3 ft. plus or minus, early bloom, excellent vigor and foliage. One bud per stem. Bulletin #295.

DR. GARY JONES (Zlatana J. Draskovich), Gary, Indiana, June 13, 1995. Seedling #410. Parentage: Zephyrus x Leda. First year bloomed 1993, semi-double to full double. Tree peony, deep pink and deeply ruffled, the pink petals softening on the edges - a frosted look. 7-8" blooms held high above the foliage. Stem strength, excellent. Height 3 ft., blooms early to mid-season. Foliage is light to medium green. The flower has pollen, seeds, and is fragrant. With permission, named in honor of my good friend, Dr. Gary E. Jones, Ass't. Supt. Hammond Public Schools. (Photo on file).

EMILY-LOUISE (D. and J. McFarlane), No 9, Waimate, New Zealand, May 27, 1996. Seedling #McF11. Parentage, American Peony Society seed Domoto. First year bloomed 1992. This tree peony is a double lavender with pink deep purple flares. Good substance, with stamens, pollen and seeds. It has good stem strength, displaying its large blooms above the foliage. Flower size 23cm, mid-season bloom. Height of the plant 1-1/2 meters. Photo file.

EMMA-JAYNE (D. and J. McFarlane), No 9, Waimate, New Zealand, May 27, 1996. Seedling #McF10. Parentage: American Peony Society seed Domoto. First year bloomed 1992. This is a soft pink full double tree peony with very few stamens. It has pollen and seeds, fragrant. The flower is approximately 19cm and very ruffled. Good stem strength, holding this large flower above the foliage. Dark green foliage with long slim leaves. Blooms midseason. Photo on file.